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Pissing footballers in the urinals

Spying for naked sportsmen makes me very horny as well spying for guys pissing. But when you have a chance to look hidden for naked sportsmen pissing it is like a sexual fantasy coming true.

On one of the gay hidden cam videos I have there is a video of the urinals room full of sexy straight footballers. They came just few seconds ago after a football match and they have been on a pith more then 90 minutes! So they are just bursting to have a piss! Some of them are naked as they just took off their clothes and run into the urinals.

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Urinals secret cam

If you like to look for guys pissing and try occasionally to glance at a guys cock when you are at urinals then there is also many pissing hidden cam videos for you at sneaky peek!

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On one of them a camera that was put into a football club toiled filmed a hot scally lad taking down the front of his trackie bottoms and getting out his penis just BEFORE he has even came to the urinal!

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